This old town on the Rhine is inseparably bound up with its castle.
The Marksburg attracts visitors from all over the world because it is such a distinctive and typical castle (there was even an exact copy built in Japan!)
It is the only castle along the Rhine that was never destroyed and is therefore one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications. At the foot of the castle hill nestles Braubach with its narrow alleys and ancient frame houses, for example the “Eckfritz”, an original corner pub. Parts of the town wall and towers can still be admired. Near the shipping pier there is an attractive promenade planted with an abundance of rose bushes, so this little town is also known as a town of roses.

One last hint: the three tall chimneys high up on a hill, relics of a former silver and lead mine, do not heat the vineyards! Though this explanation is sometimes given to curious visitors with the wine – and a smile!


[Translate to English:] Partnerstadt

[Translate to English:] Unsere Partnerstadt in Frankreich ist Villeneuve-sur-Yonne.